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What is Custom Tracking Domain? How to setup in SendBuzz?
What is Custom Tracking Domain? How to setup in SendBuzz?

Guide to setup a custom tracking domains in SendBuzz with Gandi, Cloudflare, Namecheap and godaddy.

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Do you think why custom tracking domain is important for your outreach campaigns?

Custom tracking domains (CTD) helps defining reputation to email receivers by setting up your custom domain for a higher email deliverability.

SendBuzz uses its own tracking domain to track your campaigns run via our product. The email tracking feature including email opens, link clicks, unsubscribe link click are tracked via default tracking domains by SendBuzz.

Our default tracking domain will provide its own perks and goodness. But, for custom domain trackers to work well for your needs, you can choose to add your own custom-made tracking domain.

Benefits of having custom domain tracker:

  • Custom domain tracking will help you fight hitting spam folder and improve inbox deliverability. A custom domain with authenticated SPF and DKIM will help your mails get delivered to inbox. This will label your emails properly and would help you land into the subscriber's inbox.

  • A custom tracking domain in your account will also replace SendBuzz's default footprint from your messaging, allowing your subscribers to easily relate with your content.

  • Setting up your own custom tracking domain will help you to build your own email sending reputation with the subscribers. The default tracking domain is used by majority of the outreach experts.

How to setup your custom tracking domain in SendBuzz?

Once you are logged in to your SendBuzz account, you can click on the top-right corner of in your Dashboard and go to 'Settings' tab. There, you will find an option to insert your custom tracking domain under 'CNAME' tab.

If you are still facing any issues, reach out to [email protected] for any support.

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